National Offset Warehouse Unveils New Web Design & Mobile Site!

Purchase your press consumable without ever leaving the pressroom!

This past month, National Offset Warehouse unveiled a re-designed website aimed at giving pressman and pressroom managers, a cleaner, easier, shopping experience. Time is money when running printing presses and we figured anything we could do to reduce effort during your buying experience would fits with our goal of saving offset printers money! We now feature a mobile optimized theme that will load automatically from your iPhone or Android device. You can now browse press consumables and make purchases right from your smartphone. Of course, if you find it easier to browse from a desktop PC, you’ll find our website has been re-designed to put more products in front of you making it easier to find what you need.

Heidelberg Ink Fountain Liners

Check out our redesigned Ink Fountain Liners Page

Heidelberg Replacement Air Filters

Find your products right from the pressroom!

Lower Prices on Technotrans Water Filters!

You’ve spoke and we’ve listened. Many of you have called in asking about quantity discounts when it comes to your Technotrans water filters. Ask and you shall receive! We now offer volume pricing on the Technotrans Water Filter Bag #FBC-23A. Our normal price is $31 and when you order 4 or more, the price drops to $27.50, and if you want to save even more you can order 10 for a low price of $25.50 each! Click the image to be taken to our site to learn more.

technotrans water filter bag for recirculators


New Informative Product Categories

We’re working hard to put our 40 years combined experience in the offset printing industry to work. One way we’re doing this is adding more product information to our categories, as well as providing links to similar products you may also find useful. For instance, someone searching for Ink Fountain Liners, may also be interested in Tesamol Strips and Foil underliner. By placing these links right on our category pages, we make it easy for you to find all the products you need to keep your press running smoothly. Go ahead, try it out by clicking here.

Using Loupes and Magnifiers in the pressroom? See our handy guide below!

Last but not least, we get a lot of calls and emails asking about what loupe or magnifier is best for the job. To better server you, we’ve put together a guide to pressroom loupes and other magnifiers below. Click here to see the full guide

Magnifier Recommendations
Magnifier Usage
x 1″ Linen tester (6X)
General-purpose work.  The graphic arts most popular magnifier.
Round Stand Magnifier
Large 60 mm field-of-view is ideal for viewing color transparencies on a slide sorter or light box
Plastic Base Loupe
Excellent working distance, wide field and clear base makes this unit best suited for darkroom and stripping areas.
10X & 12X LithoMags Sufficient working distance to be used in stripping department for touch-ups.  Achromatic lens system is perfect for press checks.
20X LithoMag Higher magnification shows some spherical aberration.  Reduced working distance.  Best suited for camera focusing, registration checks, slur and gain checks.
Swivel Base Loupes
Moderate working distance allows unit to be used in stripping department.  Use in pressroom for registration checks.
Swivel Base Loupe
Achromatic lens system.  Reduced working distance due to high magnification.  Lens shows some spherical aberration.  Adjustable focus lens with locking ring.  Best suited for critical camera focusing, registration checks, dot gain and slur checks.
50X, 75X and 100X Pocket Microscopes
Used for close-up inspection of small areas.  Pen-style makes them handy to keep in your shirt pocket.
– 200X Stand Microscopes
Used for the most critical checking of register and dot structure. Should be used to view printed circuit boards and bar codes.
8X Econo Loupes General inspection work in pressroom and camera department.  Clear plastic skirt prevents working under lens, so they are not recommended for stripping.
Peak Loupes
Large format for viewing 120/220 film, focusing on ground glass of cameras

Last but not least, if you have any questions at all, please call our friendly customer service at 800-669-0564 or email us at

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Ink Fountain Liners for Heidelberg on Sale!

National Offset Warehouse is offering 25% off 2 boxes of Ink Fountain Liners for a limited time only. Fountain Liners, also known as ink foils, or ink duct foils, are manufactured to oem specifications and guaranteed to perform on your Heidelberg printing press.

heidelberg ink fountain liners

Heidelberg Ink Fountain Liners 25% off!

We carry the following ink fountain liners:

You need to purchase at least two (2) boxes to receive the 25% discount. By purchasing 2 boxes, you’ll not only save on your fountain liners but you’ll save on your shipping costs.
Remember, most of our products are in stock and will ship same day.

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Supeblue Nets versus Superblue Stripenets & Flatnets

In this 2-minute video we explain the differences between generic Superblue Nets, and the newer Superblue Stripenets / Flatnets.
We find Heidelberg’s mostly use the the generic nets, while Komori’s & Mitsubishi presses generally buy the Superblue stripenets- although it all comes down to personal preference.

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Watch out for fake Superblue Nets

National Offset Warehouse sells genuine Superblue Nets

National Offset Warehouse constantly monitors the print marketplace to remain competitive and provide all the products our customers need at a fair price. Recently, we’ve come across an interesting phenomenon. Fake Superblue anti-marking Nets coming out of China. These fake Superblue Nets look like they’re coming mostly from China. Check out what we found below.

Don’t buy these counterfeit “Super Bull” nets, unless you live on a farm!

Superblue Nets are made by Printing Research. Super Bull nets are made by who?

3 boxes of Super Bull Nets!

Unless your work on a farm, Super Bull nets have no business in your shop. National Offset Warehouse stocks and sells only genuine Printing Research Inc., Superblue Nets. Contact us today, we have over 20 years experience working with Printing Research to make sure you get the right net you need for your press

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Syntac Rollers Online at National Offset Warehouse

This is news. is the first and only place you can buy Syntac rollers online. Our high quality Syntac rollers are manufactured by Pamarco Global Graphics and engineered to work flawlessly with your press.

We chose to partner with Pamarco Global Graphics due to the quality of their product and their extensive knowledge and support. Their Syntac brand ink & water system rollers feature the following:

• OEM quality rubber rollers Syntac Ink & Water System Rollers for AB Dick, Heidelberg, Komori & Ryobi presses
• Each roller supplied in individually labeled boxes
• One unbeatable price, no surcharge, no credits to wait for.
• Rollers ready to install in press, bearing and bushings included with most rollers
• Rollers for the most popular models of offset presses in stock for same day shipping. See below for models available.

Click to download the entire Syntac Catalog

Click on the link below to find the roller for your press. Due to the vast quantity and variety of rollers available, you may not see your exact roller for purchase online. We have access to Pamarco’s entire catalog of rollers. If you can find it in their catalog, you can order it from Simply call 800-669-0654 and order using the roller number from the catalog. You will still receive the same 20% off MSRP on your order. To view the entire catalog, click here.

Remember, if you don’t see the roller you are looking for on our website, find the part number in the catalog by clicking here, then call our customer service number at 1-800-669-0654 and order by number. You will still receive our 20% off web price.

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We’ve got Bearer Wipes! (not bear wipes)

We’ve just added our catalog of bearer wipes to our website. They are available on the left menu under “bearer wipes”. Bearer wipes (also known as lubrication felts) are available for the following presses.

  • Bearer Wipes for KBA 105. 3 sizes available (50 per pack)
    • S:    1-1/4″ x 3/4″ x 1/2″
      M:   1-1/2″ x 3/4″ x 1/2″ (For KBA 105)
      LG: 1-3/4″ x 3/4″ x 1/2″ (For KBA 105, same as KBA part #0292890)
Mitsubishi 56

Use the links above to check our prices. We keep these in stock and can ship them anywhere in the US overnight upon request. If you are unsure of which bearer wipe fits your press, give our customer service a call at 1-800-669-0654 or send an email to

bearer wipes mitsubishi 56, also known as lubrication felts

Bearer Wipes for the Mitsubishi 56

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Feeder Wheel brushes for Heidelberg, Komori & more!

National Offset Warehouse just finished adding additional product photos to our feeder wheel brush section. We now carry over 25 of the most common feeder wheels for Heidelberg, Komori, Shinohara, KBA, Roland and Sakurai printing presses with 2-3 high definition photos of each. Combined with our detailed descriptions, specifications, and dimensions of each product, our website allows you to make sure you get the exact wheel you are looking for.

We stock all the feeder wheels seen on our website. Order online, over the phone, or through fax & email and you’ll be sure you’ll quickly get the wheels you need to  keep your press running smoothly.

Click here to see Komori feeder wheels

Click here to see Heidelberg feeder wheels

Click here to see Shinohara feeder wheels

Click here to see KBA feeder wheels

Click here to see Sakurai feeder wheels

Click here to see Mitsubishi feeder wheels

Got a question? We have over 11 years of experience working with all types of offset printing presses. Give us a call at 800-669-0654 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Feeder wheel brush for KBA with Pulley from national offset warehouse

KBA feeder brush wheel w/ pulley

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Heidelberg Superblue Anti-Marking Nets

Superblue anti-marking nets for Heidelberg printing presses are in stock at

Happy New Years to all commercial offset and flexo printers. We hope the new year brings you much fortune, wealth, and prosperity, and of course, print profits. We would like to start the year off by announcing that we carry many of the most popular Superblue anti-marking nets from Printing Research in stock and ready for delivery for your Heidelberg printing press. Although we’ve carried Superblue nets in stock for years, we just posted them on our website- and at a discount! Check out the products and prices below

Superblue Nets for Heidelberg Printing Presses

With National Offset Warehouse, the more you order the more you save. Check out the site to get volume pricing on Superblue nets and other consumable products for your plant. We carry Original Superblue nets with Stripe and well as the precision cut Superblue 2 stripenet. National Offset Warehouse are made of Superblue experts. We have over 20 years experience working with the manufacturer (Printing Research Inc) and selling Superblue Base Covers, Nets, and other anti marking solutions. If you have any questions about the fit or specific net for your press, give us a call at 1-800-669-0654, we are happy to help any way we can, or email us at

Heidelberg Anti Marking nets, Superblue 2 from Printing Research Inc

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SKS Microscopes and Loupes now at National Offset Warehouse

SKS microscopes and loupes are now being carried at National Offset Warehouse. We decided to add these products after seeing how well our Beta, Peak, and Lithco printing loupes were selling. The SKS loupes start at under $25, while the SKS microscopes start at $185.

SKS stand microscopes with or without reticles

The SKS stand microscopes come in 25X or 50X versions. They are available with or without reticle in standard or metric measuring units. With all these options, it’s eays to find the perfect microscope for your printing job. See the table below to find the exact microscope for your pressroom.

SKS loupes and microscopes offer high performance, yet are simplified practical instruments with very sharp resolution. The observed image is very clear as the result of careful optical correction. All of the SKS loupes and scopes offered by National Offset Warehouse feature top quality optically ground glass lenses.

Description Power Measuring Range Scale Divisions Unit of measure Part Number
SKS Stand Microscope 25x N/A w/o Reticle N/A OPT-SM25
SKS Measuring Stand Microscope 25X .12″ .002″ Standard OPT-SMR25
Metric OPT-SMR25M
SKS Stand Microscope 50X N/A w/o Reticle N.A OPT-SM50
SKS Measuring Stand Microscope 50X .06″ .001″ Standard OPT-SMR50
Metric OPT-SMR50M

Moving on to SKS J-10 and J-15 Loupes. This is a product we’ve had for a while but thought they deserved a mentioned do to our excellent feedback on these loupes. The key to their success is their simplicity and cost. They are easy to use, high quality, and start under $25. Check out the SKS J-10 and J-15 printing loupes at National Offset

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Blanket Wash Air Bladder Replacement – 50% off OEM

National Offset Warehouse offers printers replacement Blanket Washers Air Bladder with our SuperBladders.

Printers can save up to 50% off OEM prices any press that uses Air Bladders in Baldwin style Automatic Blanket Washers including Mitsubishi, KBA Miller, and Harris Web presses. Simply send us your Blanket Wash Bars and get the air bladders replaced with the superior SuperBladder.

Compare our prices to OEM

Blanket washer bar air bladder replacement from National Offset Warehouse

The SuperBladder is compatible with conventional, UV, and UV/Hybrid printing inks.

Our Replacement Bladders are replaced in factory by trained technicians. Send us your worn or damaged bladder bars and we will install new SuperBladders in factory.  Prices are based on length of blanket bar and are F.O.B. Chicago,IL

After placing an order, you will be contacted via email with an RMA number and address to send in your Blanket Washer Bars unit for bladder replacement. Please allow 7-12 days after sending us your unit for replacement.

Shipping is a $50 flat fee for anywhere in the continental United States.

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