Heidelberg Superblue Anti-Marking Nets

Superblue anti-marking nets for Heidelberg printing presses are in stock at

Happy New Years to all commercial offset and flexo printers. We hope the new year brings you much fortune, wealth, and prosperity, and of course, print profits. We would like to start the year off by announcing that we carry many of the most popular Superblue anti-marking nets from Printing Research in stock and ready for delivery for your Heidelberg printing press. Although we’ve carried Superblue nets in stock for years, we just posted them on our website- and at a discount! Check out the products and prices below

Superblue Nets for Heidelberg Printing Presses

With National Offset Warehouse, the more you order the more you save. Check out the site to get volume pricing on Superblue nets and other consumable products for your plant. We carry Original Superblue nets with Stripe and well as the precision cut Superblue 2 stripenet. National Offset Warehouse are made of Superblue experts. We have over 20 years experience working with the manufacturer (Printing Research Inc) and selling Superblue Base Covers, Nets, and other anti marking solutions. If you have any questions about the fit or specific net for your press, give us a call at 1-800-669-0654, we are happy to help any way we can, or email us at

Heidelberg Anti Marking nets, Superblue 2 from Printing Research Inc

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