Blanket Wash Air Bladder Replacement – 50% off OEM

National Offset Warehouse offers printers replacement Blanket Washers Air Bladder with our SuperBladders.

Printers can save up to 50% off OEM prices any press that uses Air Bladders in Baldwin style Automatic Blanket Washers including Mitsubishi, KBA Miller, and Harris Web presses. Simply send us your Blanket Wash Bars and get the air bladders replaced with the superior SuperBladder.

Compare our prices to OEM

Blanket washer bar air bladder replacement from National Offset Warehouse

The SuperBladder is compatible with conventional, UV, and UV/Hybrid printing inks.

Our Replacement Bladders are replaced in factory by trained technicians. Send us your worn or damaged bladder bars and we will install new SuperBladders in factory.  Prices are based on length of blanket bar and are F.O.B. Chicago,IL

After placing an order, you will be contacted via email with an RMA number and address to send in your Blanket Washer Bars unit for bladder replacement. Please allow 7-12 days after sending us your unit for replacement.

Shipping is a $50 flat fee for anywhere in the continental United States.

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Michael Gregory
E-Commerce Manager at National Offet Warehouse, Inc.
With more than 4 years reducing operating costs for offset printers world-wide, Michael intends to make National Offset Warehouse the #1 offset consumable supplier in the world.

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