October is for Optics

That’s correct, October is our optics month at NationalOffsetWarehouse and we’re adding products to meet all your optics needs in the press room. Our latest additions are below.

  1. Beta “S” Series Color Relfection Densitometers. BetaColor Densitometers are popular because they are easy-to-use units for all press levels and types while retaining advanced features. Speaking of easy to use, did we mention that BetaColor Densitometers require ZERO maintenance, and have automatic modes for both dot grain and trap? Starting at only $1,849.99 these come with full customer support from Beta Industries and a 7-year warranty on Perma Filters and the light source.
  2. Betalog Transmission Densitometer 150. Beta Industries compact & portable transmission densitometer with a built in light source and serial data port. This classic densitometer has stood the test of time due to its solid reputation for performance where it counts. At only $1249.99, this small investment will surely save you some serious coin.
  3. Simplifying things a bit, NationalOffsetWarehouse brings you a 30X illuminated pocket microscope. Instead of relying on lighting conditions in your plant, guarantee you can see every detail wherever you go with this pocketable, AA battery powered, 30X illuminated pocket microscope. At only $29.95 each, you can afford to have 3 or 4 of these in your press room to help run your plant more efficiently.
Beta Industries Color Reflection Densitometer

Available for only $1,849.99 at

Michael Gregory
E-Commerce Manager at National Offet Warehouse, Inc.
With more than 4 years reducing operating costs for offset printers world-wide, Michael intends to make National Offset Warehouse the #1 offset consumable supplier in the world.

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