Peak Loupes, Magnifiers, and Microscopes

National Offset Warehouse is a premier distributor of loupes, magnifiers, and microscopes manufactured by Peak Optics. As our one of our best selling¬† products for printers, we decided to dedicate an entire “Peak Optics” category on our website. Customers can now find our all our Peak products by navigating to Tools => Peak Optics. There you will find our assortment of Peak Loupes, Peak Magnifiers, and Peak Microscopes at discount prices on one easy to view page- Just another way National Offset Warehouse is saving you time and money. Check them out today!

Peak plastic loupe with clear skirt

Peak plastic loupe with clear skirt

Michael Gregory
E-Commerce Manager at National Offet Warehouse, Inc.
With more than 4 years reducing operating costs for offset printers world-wide, Michael intends to make National Offset Warehouse the #1 offset consumable supplier in the world.

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