Watch out for fake Superblue Nets

National Offset Warehouse sells genuine Superblue Nets

National Offset Warehouse constantly monitors the print marketplace to remain competitive and provide all the products our customers need at a fair price. Recently, we’ve come across an interesting phenomenon. Fake Superblue anti-marking Nets coming out of China. These fake Superblue Nets look like they’re coming mostly from China. Check out what we found below.

Don’t buy these counterfeit “Super Bull” nets, unless you live on a farm!

Superblue Nets are made by Printing Research. Super Bull nets are made by who?

3 boxes of Super Bull Nets!

Unless your work on a farm, Super Bull nets have no business in your shop. National Offset Warehouse stocks and sells only genuine Printing Research Inc., Superblue Nets. Contact us today, we have over 20 years experience working with Printing Research to make sure you get the right net you need for your press

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