SKS Microscopes and Loupes now at National Offset Warehouse

SKS microscopes and loupes are now being carried at National Offset Warehouse. We decided to add these products after seeing how well our Beta, Peak, and Lithco printing loupes were selling. The SKS loupes start at under $25, while the SKS microscopes start at $185.

SKS stand microscopes with or without reticles

The SKS stand microscopes come in 25X or 50X versions. They are available with or without reticle in standard or metric measuring units. With all these options, it’s eays to find the perfect microscope for your printing job. See the table below to find the exact microscope for your pressroom.

SKS loupes and microscopes offer high performance, yet are simplified practical instruments with very sharp resolution. The observed image is very clear as the result of careful optical correction. All of the SKS loupes and scopes offered by National Offset Warehouse feature top quality optically ground glass lenses.

Description Power Measuring Range Scale Divisions Unit of measure Part Number
SKS Stand Microscope 25x N/A w/o Reticle N/A OPT-SM25
SKS Measuring Stand Microscope 25X .12″ .002″ Standard OPT-SMR25
Metric OPT-SMR25M
SKS Stand Microscope 50X N/A w/o Reticle N.A OPT-SM50
SKS Measuring Stand Microscope 50X .06″ .001″ Standard OPT-SMR50
Metric OPT-SMR50M

Moving on to SKS J-10 and J-15 Loupes. This is a product we’ve had for a while but thought they deserved a mentioned do to our excellent feedback on these loupes. The key to their success is their simplicity and cost. They are easy to use, high quality, and start under $25. Check out the SKS J-10 and J-15 printing loupes at National Offset

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